Workshop Lab Setup

Workshop Lab Setup:

This workshop is run on the AWS Quick Start for Pivotal Cloud Foundry: pivotal cloud foundry on the AWS cloud

The deployment guide discusses creating the required Route53 hosted zone and records, Amazon certificate manager certificates and creating a Pivotal network account. The guide then discussed launching the quick start CloudFormation stack.

Please note:

This stack can take hours to provision it is recommended to export logs to cloudwatch and set the stack to not roll back on failure under the advanced settings. This will allow for easier investigation should anything with the stack launch fail.

Deploy PCF Quick Start:

Step 1

Create AWS Route 53 Hosted Zone.

Step 2

Create AWS Certificate manager certificates as per deployment document.

Step 3

Create Pivotal Network account.

Create a Pivnet account at
Step 3b

Collect pivnet token:

Log in to your Pivnet account from a web browser.
Click your name in the upper-right corner.
Choose Edit Profile.
You’ll find your API token at the bottom of this page.
Please use the LEGACY API TOKEN
Step 4

Launch the Quick Start stack:

From the PCF / PAS quick start deployment guide launch the quick start template and provide parameter inputs.
Step 5

go to dinner or a movie this will take a while…​ You can monitor this deployement via the AWS CloudFormation Console.

Step 6

Login to the Ops manager:

http://opsman.<PCF DOMAIN>
Apply changes.
Service Broker config
Step 7

Clone Lab repo:

Go to to the AWS Cloud9 developer env
cd ~/environment
git clone
Step 8

add the cf CLI repo:

sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/cloudfoundry-cli.repo
Step 9

Install cf CLI:

sudo yum install cf-cli
Step 10

Login to the PCF Foundation using the cf CLI:

collect appman login details
go to opsman
select cred
scroll down to uaa
Admin Credentials   Link to Credential
copy the password
cf login -a -u admin --skip-ssl-validation
using admin and password collected form previous step
Select the system org
Select the system space
Step 11

Create users for attendee access Apps manager, orgs and spaces.

cd ~/environment
cd ~/environment/PCF-on-AWS/modules/10-Lab-Setup
Step 12

Clean up:

rm -rfv ~/environment/PCF-on-AWS

Lab Setup Complete